Who We Are

Welcome to our Blog.  We are Danny and SarahImage

We have 3 great kids


Ruthie is 8. She joined us 265 days after we got married. She’s our wild child–ever loving and always spunkyImage

Sophie is 6.  She came 22 months after Ruthie.  She is our (mostly) quiet and amazingly full of life childImage

5 yrs and 11 months after Sophie, we got our big guy, Luke.  He came out 9 lbs, 14 oz.of all boy and he has stolen all of our hearts.Image

We will celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary in October of this year.   We have had many challenges over our years together and learned so much along the way, but we have become consumed with chaos, busy schedules, and life in general.  Over the last couple of years we have felt a tug to live more simply.  To reduce the chaos, our busyness and even our material “stuff”.  We have tried….and failed….countless time.  We’ve read books, blogs, sat in classes and tried on our own to

still. be. stuck. in. this. chaotic. cycle.

But this year we have determined to live life differently.  We are tired of schedules so busy that we don’t have quality time for each other.  Lives so full that we can’t really enjoy our life and a house so cluttered that our material bondage distracts from what really matters. That’s what this blog is about.  This is our family’s journey to reclaim our life.

Every month of 2013 we are going to focus on ONE area of our crazy life.  On the 1st Monday of every month we will announce on our blog the focus for that month, how we currently live and what we would like to change.  We will have weekly posts about specific things we are doing to reach those goals and updates along the way.

Please join us on our journey of (family) RECLAMATION.


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