How We Roll

How things roll around here

First day of every month: we will introduce a new “area of reclamation”, which basically means a part of our crazy life that we are reclaiming.  In this first post of the month, we will explain our problem and why we are reclaiming this area of our lives.

Every Monday of the month: We will update on how we’re doing so far in our reclamation, and have specific goals for that  week.

Every OTHER Tuesday of the month: Sarah will host a series called, True Talk Tuesday where she blogs about random issues she is dealing with.  Not necessarily having anything to do with the current reclamation, but just as entertaining all the less!

Every Thursday of the Month: We have a series called Thankfulness Thursday, where we’ll list all of the gifts we’ve counted throughout the week.  At the end of 2013, the goal is to have a list of 1000 gifts.

One more thing…

******For several years, Sarah had her own blog, Reallife. Unedited, where she blogged very sporadically.  We decided to combine that blog with Family Reclamation.  Any post that you come upon in the archives that was written BEFORE January 2013 is from this original, personal blog of Sarah’s.******


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