What We’re About

Welcome to our blog! Please read a little bit about our story….

In January of 2013, we were overwhelmed with life in general and decided we had to have a change.  You can read all about that here.  In an effort to reclaim our lives from busyness, stress and chaos, we started this blog, Family Reclamation.  We all know that just as soon as you decide to make a change in your life, than life gets harder.  More stressful.  That is exactly what happened in our case.  In March, we were told by my Husband’s employer that we would be relocating to another state by the end of April.  It is now July, and we still have not been relocated.  We started packing, heard the date was moved to May or June.  Then it turned into July or August.  At this point, we are being told we’ll be moving our family in September or October.  In addition to the limbo we have been in from the relocation issues, in May we were surprised (super duper, shocked beyond all get out surprised!) to be expecting our 4th child.  Once we were over the shock, we were excited to be having another baby.  And then it happened.  I got sick.  Now I know most people do not feel 100% when they are pregnant.  I, on the other hand, get incredibly sick.  Puking multiple times a day, can’t get out of bed, can’t walk down the hall, can’t cook dinner, certainly cannot chase a 12 month old around SICK. AS. A. DOG., sick.  And that’s when the blog was put on the back burner.  Along with our reclamations.  Thanks to good medicine and praying friends, I am feeling much better now at nearly 16 weeks along (I usually stay very sick until 26-28 weeks).  and we are desperate to get back to the business of reclaiming our lives.  Things are crazy and seem to be getting crazier, but in the middle of it all we choose grace.  We choose love and we choose to stay strong.  Please join us  on our journey of Family Reclamation.


One more thing…

******For several years, Sarah had her own blog, Reallife. Unedited, where she blogged very sporadically.  We decided to combine that blog with Family Reclamation.  Any post that you come upon in the archives that was written BEFORE January 2013 is from this original, personal blog of Sarah’s.******


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