We’re Baaaack!! (well, almost….)

Back in January of this year, we started out on this journey….of reclaiming our family.  And, of course, when you decide to do something….to make this great change for the better in your lives, than what happens?  Satan comes at you hard…..bringing you down by the very thing that you are trying so hard to get out of.

 In our world, that would be chaos.  And let me tell you, in this year has been a year of complete chaos.  In addition to finding out that we are moving out of state, we also found out that we are expecting our 4th baby.  

We thought by this time, that we would be Floridians, but the date of Danny’s transfer keeps getting pushed back…and back….and back.  It’s due to construction issues with the building in Florida, but for us it was kind of like, “you’re moving in a month….get packed. Find a place to live.  Oh wait, did we say a month?  Make that 3.  Oh, wait, can we make that 2 more?” And so on.  So, from first hearing we would be moving in April, it turned into June, then August, then October and now it looks like we’ll be heading to Florida in September.  We shall see, we shall see.  

And on to the next news…..the expecting of our 4th child.  If you know me at all you know one thing I do really well is puke when I’m pregnant (and get insanely huge and birth really big babies, but that’s another story…).  This is not just any morning sickness, what I experience drags me down, usually for months at the time.  And this pregnancy has been no different.  I had a VERY rough few months, but I’m so happy to report that though the sickness is still ever present, it is also very manageable at this point.  Thank you, Jesus. 

But basically, the story is… it is really hard to blog when you are puking.  So, the first thing that got pushed to the back burner was, unfortunately, our blog.  But we are coming back.  I am feeling better, which means my family is feeling better and as of August 1, we are back in business here at Family Reclamation.  

Just a quick update on how things will roll  here on the blog starting NEXT THURSDAY, August, 1st:

First day of every month: we will introduce a new “area of reclamation”, which basically means a part of our crazy life that we are reclaiming.  In this first post of the month, we will explain our problem and why we are reclaiming this area of our lives.

Every Monday of the month: We will update on how we’re doing so far in our reclamation, and have specific goals for that  week.

Every OTHER Tuesday of the month: Sarah will host a series called, True Talk Tuesday where she blogs about random issues she is dealing with.  Not necessarily having anything to do with the current reclamation, but just as entertaining none the less!

Every Thursday of the Month: We have a series called Thankfulness Thursday, where we’ll list all of the gifts we’ve counted throughout the week.  At the end of 2013, the goal is to have a list of 1000 gifts.

We really hope that you will join us on our journey of Reclamation!


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