When life is exhausting

mother  Sometimes life is exhausting.  There are stressful jobs, deadlines due, homework to be done, beds to make, meals to cook, kids to take to school (and baseball and soccer), babies that don’t sleep, church to go to, groceries to be bought, grass to be mowed, oil to change, diapers to change,  and no matter what YOUR list looks like, everyone’s list goes on… and on… and on.  Life gets crazy, and hectic and we are so busy we can barely even remember what we did yesterday that made us so tired today.

Sometimes eating real food in an already busy everyday can make you so. insanely. exhausted.

This is for the people that say to me,

“I don’t have time for that”

“I work too much”

“I could never do that”

“other things are more important”

and it is FOR ME who says to myself,

“I don’t have time for this!”

“I work too much!”

“I can’t do this!”

“other things are more important!”

Because, let’s face it….. some days I don’t have time for soaking beans and kneeding dough and sauteeing veggies and some days I DO work too much….that I miss out on playing a board game with my 6 year old, researching animals with my 8 year old, and stopping to look in the 11 month old’s eyes when he reaches out for me as I rush by…..to do more work.  And some days it’s true…. I. just can’t. do. this.  And Lord help us if we don’t realize that….other things ARE more important.

So as much as I believe in eating real food, and in making sure my family has good healthy things to snack on and as crucial as I know it is to keep things like high fructose corn syrup and GMO’s out of our house and our bodies, there are times that the plan doesn’t go the way I want it to go.  There are days when the dishes pile up because history has to be taught, and babies have to be nursed and games have to be played, and magic tricks have to be watched.  And there are days that the dinner that needed to be started by 4:00 was forgotten because the little one has teeth coming in and can’t stop crying, and the boxes have to be packed and the 8 year old needs to know right now what dog breed is really the smartest and why.  And when dinner gets forgotten and it turns into cereal at 10pm instead of chicken and rice at 6, that WAS NOT the plan.  And sometimes there is a traffic jam on the way to the chiropractor and a child that HAS TO go potty right now and stomachs that should have been fed lunch an hour ago so there is a drive thru and that was not the plan.

And I always self condemn and I think I should have had a better plan.  I should have gotten up earlier,  gotten more done today, brought snacks with us, had a frozen meal ready to be cooked and maybe all of those things are true.  But at the end of the day when I am kissing my husband goodbye as he heads out to work and I am laying the baby in his bed, and listening to the girls play nicely together (for the first time all. day.), I remember that it’s okay.  There is always tomorrow.  And just like one bad day doesn’t make everyday bad, one bad meal does not mean every meal is bad.  So to you, and to myself, I say


give yourself some grace.  

you have a bad real food day, don’t make it a bad real food week.  Start again at the next meal.  Or the next.  Or the next day!  Take a deep breath, and start again.  Because, afterall, everyday I do have some time, and if every day I make some time then there are far less days when I work too much, and if there are far less days when I work too much, there are far more days that the things that are more important, are more important to me, and far more days when the feeling turns from “I just can’t do this” to “wow….I’m doing this.”

          Personally, if I get overwhelmed, I am prone to depression and panic, among other things.  In order to keep the chaos under control, I try to take one day to do all the baking.  I also double the recipes and freeze what I can, so the baking (bread, crackers, snacks, etc.) last about 2 weeks. I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of girl, but the older I get the more I realize I can train myself to be  more organized.  One way I am doing this is by following a  meal plan and having a nightly routine to prepare for the next day.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  bad day

Goals for the week

As we talked about our goals for this week, what we’re struggling with and what we think needs to be reclaimed in our food life, we both were burdened by the amount of clutter in our kitchen.  To cook real food it takes pots and pans and pans and pots and dishes and dishes and dish.es.  Just like when we blogged about our laundry, we started realizing that we have too. many. dishes.  The dishes pile up and there’s always another pot to cook this or boil that, and then we end up with a sink full of dirty dishes….and no time right now to wash them because there’s speech to get to by 12:30 and then by the time school is done this afternoon there’s no time to wash those pots from breakfast…..because dinner has to be cooked NOW.  No problem!  There’s 8 more pots in the cupboard.  …..And so it goes way more often than I care to admit.  This is clearly a problem for us.  It is time to CLEAN OUT THE KITCHEN.

*narrow down the dishes (pots pans, plates, silverware….everything) to what we really need

*make time after EVERY meal to wash the dishes (which for me, will a lot of times mean to start meals earlier)

*Eat dinner at 6pm every night (this is still a goal, because it’s still a struggle)

Thank you all for reading our blog and for your support.  W love hearing from you and would love to know about your real food journey!  Are there days when it is just plain exhausting??  How do you cope?


One comment on “When life is exhausting

  1. I love you and think you’re a wonderful wife, mother, cook and homemaker! That doesn’t mean the house is always perfectly clean and orderly; it means Danny and the children feel loved and adored! And you take time to BLOG, for heaven’s sake!! You’re an amazing woman!!

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