March week 2, part 2

You can see part 1 of this post here.

It was brought to my attention that in part 1 of this post I didn’t mention where we buy our ground beef. We have gotten our ground beef from several different places.  We used to get it from Destiny Organics at the State Farmer’s market.  Then we ordered from Natures Garden delivered for awhile (and we highly recommend them, btw).  Right now the ground beef in my freezer is from a friend’s brother’s farm.  You can buy grass-fed ground beef from just about any grocery store now, but you’ll pay anywhere from $8-$10 lbs.  You can get a MUCH better deal if you buy it from bulk from a farm.  A great resource is eat wild, where you can put in your location and it tells you farms where you can find grass-fed beef near you.  We’re about to be in the same boat as all of you trying to figure this out when we move out-of-state in a couple of months.  In some ways, I feel like I’m starting all over again on this real food journey as I try to navigate what the real food world looks like in Jacksonville, Fl.

In part 1 I talked a little bit about how much we spend on groceries, where we shop and what kind of things we buy.  I wanted to talk a bit more about budget.  We save a good deal of money by making a lot of the things we eat.  We don’t usually buy snack foods.  I regularly make a lot of our food, including…

*sandwich bread

{my favorite recipe is the frugal girls whole wheat sandwich bread.  I exchange the white flour with whole wheat pastry flour.  I’ve also started experimenting with gluten-free bread.}

*muffins & english muffins

{I try to do at least 3 grain free breakfasts a week.  Here is our #1 and #2 favorite grain free muffins.  We also do grain free pancakes. The english muffin recipe is not grain free and it comes from the frugal girl.  Again, I replace the white flour with Whole Wheat Pastry or spelt flour.}


{tortillas are super easy to make and really good, too!  There’s a ton of great recipes out there, but this is one of our favorites!}


{I like to have a lot of healthy snacks on hand so when the kids ask for a snack, I can fill them up with something nutritious and yummy.  We have just started making 100 days of real food’s homemade larabars.  They. are. so. good.  We also enjoy power balls, I’ve started making the nourishing home’s grain free crackers –sometimes I add 1/2 c of cheddar cheese for a “cheese it”- like addition.  We also snack on bananas with almond butter, cheese sticks, apples with yogurt-try mixing plain yogurt with 1 tsp of maple syrup-, carrots and 100 days of real food’s homemade ranch dip.  We also always have a good assortment of nuts and dried fruit to snack on.Also, one of our all time favorite snacks is kitchen stewardship’s granola bars. }

Making these things really does cut down on the budget.  Snacks are expensive!!

WHEN do we grocery shop??

**I know going to several different stores (one of them being 45 minutes away) can seem ‘un-doable’, but I am here to say this is about priorities and it is possible.  We have done our grocery shopping several different ways.  Sometimes we go to DFM all together on the weekend, as a family.  It’s a really fun place to go and the kids view it as a family day.  They get to sample bread, pick up live fish in nets, eat lunch together and grab a (super cheap!) pastry to eat on the way home (or after you get home if you’re not one to have frosting smeared on your car windows.  Smile.)

**Sometimes life feels hectic and I just have to go. to. the. store. alone.  When this happens, I’ll run out by myself in the evening, on the weekend, in the morning….whenever I can get away and Danny keeps the kids at home.  Recently, I have left the two youngest kids with Danny, and Ruthie and I run to do the groceries on our own.  This works really well.  We get time alone to chat and connect and we can also get things done a lot faster.

**I go to DFM with friends, a lot of the time.  I’ve done this with kids or without.  Both are doable.  Hear that–both are doable.  There is not a right way or a wrong way to do this.  I know schedules are different….some of you may have your kids in school all day and you have a great opportunity to get your groceries done during your day.  Take advantage of that.  start early and you can get it all done before it’s time to pick up the kids from school.  I am also aware that some of you go to work all day and I know it’s tougher to find time to hit several stores.  It can be done, though.  It may have to be done on an evening or a weekend, but it can be done.  Some of you have a job of educating your kids at home (like myself) but–It can be done.  It can!  A lot of the times I am wearing a child, have a child walking (or dancing or skipping) beside of me, a child sitting (or building castles out of food) in the cart…but we get it done.  We view it as an adventure, I remind myself of how fast these days will be gone and we get it done.  And most times, we enjoy it.

**Some advice I can give is—try to shop or 2 weeks-1 month at a time so you are not trying to figure this out every week.**


Our goals for last week were to meal plan every meal for this week.  The meal plan is going well so far–because it Monday–.  Now, if I can only get my scattered brain to stick. to. the. plan.  We’ll see.  The next goal was to eat dinner at 6 every day.  That did NOT go very well.  I’m bad a time management.  I’m trying, though!  We will be keeping that goal on the list for this week.  In addition to that, our goals for this week are…..

*Stick to the meal plan

*Take healthy snacks with us wherever we go!

*Eat dinner by 6:00 every night

*Eat a grain free meal


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