The big announcement. As in REALLY! BIG! ANNOUNCEMENT!

On friday we posted about the
craziness of February at our house. In addition to the flu, and a computer virus, we had a little something else going on behind the scenes. We knew there was a possibility of a job transfer for Danny. We were very excited about the idea of it, because it would mean better hours for him (for those of you that don’t know, danny has worked night shift-10p-7a-since sophie was born). As excited as we were at the thought of it, we knew there was a chance that it wouldn’t work out so we didn’t want to say anything until we knew FOR. SURE.

On monday night, February 25, we found out that it IS, indeed, happening.

We are moving to
Jacksonville, Florida!

We are so excited (and a bit nervous!), and think that it fits in perfectly with our year of family reclamation. This will be a wonderful change for our family and we are confident that God orchestrated this move. We have been hoping for Danny to get off of night shift for a very long time and I, for one, have many times thought it

would. Never. Happen.

The verse that keeps coming to mind during this exciting turn of events is “If we are faithless, He remains faithful” (2 Timothy 2:13)

Please pray for us as we prepare for this transition!


4 comments on “The big announcement. As in REALLY! BIG! ANNOUNCEMENT!

  1. Oh Yay!! How exciting for you guys!!!! I want to move to Florida with you! 🙂 When is the big move gonan happen? I’m going to have to stop by and see you guys before you leave for sure, its been a long while!!!

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