February = EPIC. FAIL.

Love month did not love us.  In February, our home was invaded by the flu.  A nasty virus that ended up getting 3 of us.  It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  Just tiring.  Oh, so……tiring.  As the flu invaded our bodies, another virus struck…..our computer.  Our computer totally crashed!!  We only have the one computer…..so that was hard.  We are back up and running now (thanks to the mad computer fixing skills of my husband!).  . So we are going to chalk February up to one big giant epic FAIL…..and pick up in beautiful, wonderful, (birthday month)…..


Since we drastically failed in February, we will move February’s area of reclamation to March.  We’re sticking with

Food and Nurtrition

goals for the week:

*eating dinner at 6m every night

*meal planning EVERY meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) next week 

********We are changing up a few things, so we want to go over that now.  As we said in our first post, we will be posting our area of reclamation on the first Monday of every month.  Due to scheduling issues we are thinking that it will work better for us to move our post day to Friday instead of Monday.  So, starting TODAY, Friday, March 1, we will be posting the first post of each month on the FIRST FRIDAY of the month.  Then throughout the month, our (main) weekly updates will be posted on each Friday of the month.  We may post a few updates on other days, IN ADDITION to Friday, but there will always be a post on every Friday. *******

Coming up…

among a couple of other things, NEXT FRIDAY we will be talking about WHERE to buy all of this organic, natural REAL FOOD that we all should be eating!!  I’ve had A TON of people ask me WHERE I grocery shop, how often I grocery shop and HOW DO WE AFFORD organic food?!  All of this will be included in next Friday’s blog post.  Join us then and visit us over on facebook, too!


2 comments on “HELLO MARCH!

  1. Excited about the next post. It’s so hard to buy and eat organic without spending a paycheck! I welcome your ideas!

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