Welcome to a new month and a new look!  We are SO excited about our topic for February.  In this area of our lives, we are continually learning.  We have some of it “together” but are still greatly struggling with some aspects of it.  It is a fun challenge for us, because we can share what we have learned, why we do what we do and where we are still struggling.  The area of reclamation for February is……

Food and Nutrition


Our food story starts awhile back.   Well, I should say our REAL food story starts awhile back.  Our oldest daughter was diagnosed with food allergies at age 3.  For several months we just muddled around, avoiding peanuts, fish and sesame seeds everywhere we went.  And in case you don’t know, that’s not easy. At all.  There are peanuts in  Eventually, I started googling recipes that our girl would be able to eat and stumbled upon where I learned about Robyn O’brien, the founder of allergy kids and the author of the Unhealthy Truth.  Her story SHOCKED me and I had to know more. She encourages people to eat more like their Grandparents did, to read labels and to “do one thing”. Well, I was fine.  Right?  I read labels.  Everyday.  I was trained to that by my child’s allergists.  This chick didn’t have anything on me.  Or so I thought.  Turns out she didn’t encourage you to read labels just to avoid peanuts. Or wheat.  Or whatever.  She said there is bad stuff in our food.  What a sec.  Isn’t this America?  Don’t we have an FDA?  Isn’t it their job to keep us safe?  I kept reading.  And reading.  And reading.  I decided to do one thing.  She recommended a documentary my  sister had already told me about.  Something called Food Inc.  There’s my one thing.  I can do this.  It’s a movie.  Totally doable.

And that was the beginning.

It changed our lives.  We realized for the first time what kind of food we had been putting in our bodies and our kids bodies.  I had always thought you had to be rich to eat organic food.  I don’t know how many times I had said (or thought!) “I can’t afford organic food.  It doesn’t matter how good it is for me,  I’ll never be able to make it work.”  In Food inc., a man by the name of Joel Salatin, a farmer from Virginia said something that made me think.  He talked about being at Farmers markets, selling (safe) eggs for $3 dollars a dozen and how people would say things about how expensive that was for A DOZEN (12!) eggs that would last about a week, while sipping on a (1!) soda that would last them about an hour and cost $1.50ish.  WOW.  So it’s not about how expensive REAL food is, it’s about priorities.  I don’t have to have soda, or fast food (that an average family spends over $20 per meal on!–that would buy 6 DOZEN safe eggs–) or even a nice dinner out.  I can TAKE THAT money and apply it to REAL food at the grocery store.  It was eye-opening.  And we decided to learn more.  And learn we did.  Our one thing turned into one thing after another, after another, after another (don’t even get me started on Jamie Oliver and season 2, episode 2 of food revolution). LIFE. CHANGED.


This month we will be talking about real food on a budget.  We will be talking about when organic is necessary and why, and when it’s okay to buy conventional food.  We will be talking about meal planning, grocery stores, farmers markets, gluten-free, paleo, green smoothies, couponing, fast food, kitchen organization and much, MUCH more.

Our biggest struggle is meal planning.  It seems like if you meal plan, you have to start that BEFORE 5:00 pm the day of.  Just shoot me. That’s not. how. I. roll.  So this week, our goal are:

*Eating Dinner at 6 pm EVERY day (this is a struggle for us.  Take my word for it.)

*To meal plan for EVERY meal next week.  BREAKFAST, LUNCH and DINNER (I’m scared.  For real.)

We’ll be updating more often during the week this go around, and sharing pictures and status updates with our progress on Facebook.  Please “like” us over there if you haven’t already! 🙂  Thank you for your support and please tell us….do you follow a real food diet??  Why or why not?  We love to hear from you!


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  1. I just saw your new blog and read them all. So inspiring. I’m so proud of you both for doing this and can’t wait to read more!

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