JANUARY week 3–plugging along– {update and weekly goals}

And then there’s that moment when you realize you failed.  Miserably.  And you’ve committed to an out-in-front of the world 12 month project.  So you can’t just keep your failure to yourself–smile and act like you’ve got it all together.  Oh, no.  Not this time. See,  we made a commitment to ourselves, to each other and to God that we would be real.  Be honest and open and truthful— to a fault— in this 12 month endeavor.  So instead of covering up the failure, we have to do the hard thing.  Login to wordpress.  Click on new post.  And tell all of you that we have failed.  Week 3 and we are big fat failures.  So there it is.  Please be kind.

Last week our goals were to…

*come up with a technique


*Come up with a laundry schedule

Neither of these things were completed this week.  See, we were so far behind in laundry that I (sarah) found myself just trying to CATCH up so that I could then figure out a technique and schedule that would work.  But apparently when you have a lot of laundry to catch up on, school to teach, diapers to change, elderberry syrup to make, meals to plan, floors to mop and kids to bathe then you don’t have time to catch up on the laundry and figure out a plan for the laundry.  Lesson learned.

With all of that said, the whole of last week was not wasted.

The laundry was not caught up—-there is the failure.  But lessons were learned—-there is the grace.

We were able to talk about these issues along the way.  As we tried desperately to catch up on the laundry, we were able to come up with several more bags of clothes to donate to people in need.

008          009

We were able to get our kids involved and talk to them about how people around the world live and what an abundance we have.  About how important it is to give to others, think about others, encourage others…… and not always be so focused on ourselves.  Did I say we were able to tell the kids this?  I think I needed to hear this, too.  It is not all about me.  Another lesson learned.  At different points during the week we were both bombarded with the realization that sometimes you have to let it go.  One day I had to




I had to let it go, so that I could play a game with my 6 year old.  people are more important than problems. Another lesson learned.  On a different day, Danny was overwhelmed with how vital his role in the girls lifes are when he took them out to  have a play day at a local jumpy house.  There were things that needed to be done, but he chose to let it go.  And experienced a stronger daddy/daughter bond with two little girls than he had in quite awhile.  I’m sure they felt it, too.  Another lesson learned.

So, yes, there is the moment when you realize that you have failed.  And then the moment you realize that God redeems.

In this week of failure, we have been reminded that God’s redemption of our moments, our time, and yes, even in our failures, is strong and true.  So from here, where do we go?  Despite the fact that a technique and schedule was not implemented this last week, we have decided the one that we think we are going to go with.

We have gotten a lot of feedback from you guys and we could not be  more grateful!  It seems like the system that most people use is to take ONE DAY and get all the laundry DONE-washed, dryed, folded and put away.  It seems as though this system actually works when you don’t have enough clothes to just keep wearing, and wearing and wearing.  But you really need the clothes you wore this week to be clean for next week.  So this is the system that we have decided to pursue.  The only problem is right now my living room looks like this…..

018                                013

So, here’s the plan…..our goals for this week

* FINISH catching up on Tuesday and Wednesday

*Implement a weekly laundry day–FRIDAY (because it is our lightest school day, I think I can get the most accomplished in the laundry area this day)

*As we finish the catching up on Tuesday and Wednesday, we will continue to weed out our last bags of clothes we don’t wear, don’t fit, don’t like, etc. and have a large amount ready for donation

Thank you all so much for your support!  It means so much to us to have people cheering us on along this journey!  We love hearing from you–thank you for your openness with us.  Next blog post will be up on Monday, January 28th.


2 comments on “JANUARY week 3–plugging along– {update and weekly goals}

  1. Grace! ❤ To forgive self, to recognize our need for Him, to have the strength to keep trying! Love that you recognized the needs of the girls in the midst of the chaos and that you chose them over it! Much encouragement shouting your way from Maryland!!! Whether you figure it out this week or the next…. or the next 🙂 you will make it.

  2. Grace, grace, God’s grace. Grace that will pardon and cleanse within. Grace, grace, God’s grace. Grace that is greater than all our sin!

    Love you both; praying for you!!

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