January: Week 2–Update and weekly goals

So, just for a recap– this month we decided to reclaim our lives in the area of CLOTHES.  You can read the entire post here, but basically our goals for last week were to …..

1. Clean out our closets

2. Organize our laundry area

While preparing for the post, we thought perhaps we were going too easy on ourselves and we should add more to the list.  In the end, we decided it’s the first week and we need to start slow.  After all, this is a YEAR PROJECT and we don’t want to rush through any part of it.

CLEARLY, deep down, we know ourselves better than we think!  THIS. WAS. SUCH. A. STRUGGLE.

Maybe it wouldn’t have been so hard if we lived a “normal” life, but when you throw in things like a home educating wife and a night shift working husband, it changes things.  I guess when the kids are at school is when a lot of (stay at home) Mom’s find time to do things like clean out a closet……or 5.  Or  perhaps it’s in the evenings, after you get homework done, baths completed and the kids down that you can work together to tackle a common goal.  At our house, the kids school is here, and at night IF the kids are in bed BEFORE Danny has to head out the door to work it is nothing short of a miracle.  And on those nights we usually have about 10 minutes to spare for him to say “how was your day?” and me to say ” Have a good day!”

So finding time to come together on this was hard.  We were, in the end, able to carve out some time to make it happen.


Some of it, at least. We still have some work to do, but we were able to clean out both of our closets and get rid of an ENORMOUS amount of clothing.


I was able to go through and organize clothes that baby boy has grown out of (which was an absurd amount, considering he’s only been with us for 9 months!).  We got most of the girls clothes done and finally, at  l    o    n    g     l    a    s    t  we were able to go through and reorganize the laundry area.  Which felt good.  Really good.  Our “laundry room” (you can’t really call it a room, as much as a corner) is in our garage which can get hard at times.  You know, it’s too hot, it’s too cold, that’s where we put all of the stuff that won’t fit in our house, etc.  But we were able to turn our little garage laundry corner into a nice space.  We are so excited to start using it and seeing if we can actually keep it organized!!


In addition to our time and scheduling issues, there are (of course) emotional reasons that things like this are hard.  We tried to talk about these things throughout the week as they came up to us individually…..even if it was via text at 2 am. 😉  Here are some thoughts from each of us on the real reason we hold onto stuff.

From Danny:

“I Think we have a hard time gettting rid of stuff because of the significance it gives to our lives.  We like that shirt because it makes us feel good, or those shoes because they match those pants.   For some people, maybe they get a kick out of complements they have received in what they wear.  I think I hold onto stuff because I think to myself  “I might wear this again someday “.  I learned throughout this week that “someday” never came (that old shirt  I haven’t worn since I worked at Cadillac 8yrs ago has only be worn 3 times that I can remember).”

From Sarah:

“I defenitley relate to one of the comments (from Karla–if you want to go check it out) from our post last week.  It’s talking about how she hung onto clothes in different sizes hoping that one day they would fit again.  We are all so bad about this!  Even this week as I determined to get rid of things, I found myself throwing a few things in the attic (as opposed to the good will bag) for when I finally get. this. baby. weight. off!  It was very hard for me to let go of things that I once loved that no longer fit because it feels like I’m admitting defeat.  Like I am saying “I give up.  I will never lose the weight.”  In reality, that’s  not true. Even if the weight was off, the fact remains that I have an abundance of clothes that I don’t need.”  


As we continue on our journey of reclaiming our lives by getting control of our CLOTHES during the month of January, this week is going to be a hard one.  This is an area where we have tried and failed and tried again…and failed again.  But alas, here we go.  We are praying and believing that this CAN BE DONE.

1. Finding a technique for getting the laundry done

2. Finding a schedule for getting the laundry done

We don’t really know where to start because we have tried so many things over the years.  We have talked about it some and it’s clear…..men and women think differently.  If I didn’t already know this by 9 years of living with a man (and confirmation from shaunti Feldhaun) the laundry conversations would have been enough proof.  In the interest of being completely transparent,  we have to let you in on it.  Here’s some of our (oh so very different) thoughts on how to accomplish these goals….

on technique…..

A man’s insight

“Like rail road ties holding rails together for a train, so are a  man’s thoughts. People can agree that men think in pretty much the same formula. “If” and “then” statements. “If” you do this, “then”…..this should happen. My laundry suggestion follows this concept.  We do the laundry in sections.  First shirts, ALL the shirts.  Then Pants.  Then socks.  And so on. “If” we do all the shirts “then” we can sort all the shirts faster because we are not changing back and forth between different clothing,  therefore saving time.  Right?  If we are already in shirt mode, we can knock out all the shirts without having to waste time sorting additional items like socks, pants and underwear. It also works the same if you start with socks.  If you focus just on socks. getting them done will go faster than switching to other things.”

A (not so average) Woman’s perspective

“If you know me, you know I’m a bit scattered.  Okay, completely scattered.  I never know where my keys are, my shoes are usually under the couch or under my bed, I can never find my phone and let’s not get started on turning the wrong way when I get off the interstate….A.GAIN.  So maybe now you can understand that I don’t sort laundry.  I don’t sort colors and I certainly don’t sort the pants from the socks from the shirts.  I basically just throw anybody and everybody’s clothes in a laundry basket, toss it in the machine and hope for the best.  It’s always turned out fine except for the darn folding…..hanging….and putting away. At this point, I’m willing to try anything.  Just please, please, please, LET IT WORK!”

On schedule….

Truthfully, we are not entirely in agreement here, either.  Should there be one dirty cloths area?  Should there be a dirty clothes basket in every bedroom?  When do we wash?  What should we wash first?  What should we wash last?  All of this is overwhelming to think about, so pray with us as we explore different options.

It’ll be a miracle if it only takes one week to figure this part out.  We shall see!  We would love YOUR input (in the comments or via email) on how laundry works at YOUR house!


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