Storm Shelter

Someone once told me that satan doesn’t have any “new tricks.”  That he’s been using the same old tricks since the beginning of time.  And somehow, we still fall for them.  He lied to Eve, he lies to us.  He tricked her into believing a lie, he tricks us into believing lies.  You would think that we would wise up to the ploys of the enemy, and never get caught in that snare again, but he sometimes seems to get us when we’re down.  And we trip.  I have been there so many times.  In that spot where I am saying “again?  I really fell for that one AGAIN?”

See, this is where satan continually trips us up over here at our house.  He throws a huge mess of lies (yes, I DID just say “mess of lies.”  Clearly I’m from Georgia.  Let me translate:  “Mess of” means “alot”) at either me or my husband, and once the one of us that was bombarded goes through a funk, comes to our senses and realizes….”hey!  That’s not true!  I don’t have to believe that, that’s not who I am and that’s not what God says is true!” and we start believing God, and living out that belief, then satan goes for the other one of us.

So played out, it can look something like this:

I can be in a terrible funk one day, wake up the next morning and realize the ploy of the enemy, declare I will live no longer in this frame of mind and be all ready and set for a God believing day and then my Husband, that very same morning, will be in what seems like the SAME FUNK I JUST CAME OUT OF.  And it can go back and forth.  For hours.  or days.  or weeks, even.  We call it trading funks.  When really it’s satan’s “old trick” of playing us like fiddles.  Trying to keep at least one person under this free in Christ roof in some sort of lie believing bondage.  It is so last year.  And somehow we still occasionally (sometimes often) fall for it.

Recently this has happened.  As I’ve come out of my funk, and stopped believing the lies, and started believing truth, the Lord has laid a verse on my heart.  And my mind.  alot.  For the past several days and nights I have been dwelling on the verse “God is our refuge and strength; An ever present help in times of trouble.”  It comes to me over and over as satan tries to draw me back in, tries to throw lies in my mind, I hear…

“God is my refuge and my strength; an ever present help in times of trouble”

ever present.



what does ever present mean?  Always there.  never leaving.

Webster’s dictionary defines “refuge” as “a shelter or protection from danger or distress” and also as “something to which one has recourse in difficulty.”  The hebrew word for “refuge” in this verse is machaceh, meaning refuge or shelter from rain or storm (or danger).

Shelter from the storm.  Listen, friend, this is speaking my language, right here.  My husband knows that if money were no object the ONE THING….yes, ONE THING I would want for a gift (Christmas, birthday, Valentines day…whatever, I don’t care) would not be gold.  it would not be a new car, or a beautiful diamond ring.  It would be a storm shelter. You think I’m kidding?  This is not a joke.  I have what some would believe to be an irrational fear of storms.  Storms as in tornadoes, hail, thunder, lightening, rain..well, I’ll be honest… basically the rain clouds themselves can even freak me out.  (I also have an irrational fear of elevators, but maybe we can talk about that one in another post).  Although it’s a far fetched dream, I still hold out hope that one day I will have a storm shelter that I can climb down into at the first spot of one of those scary rain clouds (smile). Praise be to God that in life’s storms, I have just that.  I have a storm shelter.  And his name is Jesus. He is my always therenever leaving shelter.  My protection and recourse from danger, distress or difficulty.  Wow.  And Amen.

So when satan tries to trip me, or my family, into believing those old lies and falling into that old funk, I will hold fast to this truth—

“God is our refuge and my strength; an ever present help in times of trouble” Psalm 46:1


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