>My January 1st

>I love the feeling of a new year. It’s like clothes right out of the dryer–all warm and refreshing and the smell….yes, January definitely has a fresh clean laundry kind of smell! Don’t you think?? It’s like a clean slate or a fresh box of crayons. Oh, I love it. Well, this January has been a little strange for me. I was wondering why I didn’t feel all fresh and new. I had not had even one frantic urge to get in shape, organize, clean and just do…well… fresh, clean, January things that we all do. I was starting to wonder what was wrong with me.


Today is my January. I should have known all along that my January wonderfulness wouldn’t kick in until the 5th. See, now that I have a school aged child, our break lasts until January 5th. And we have been livin. it. up. Jammie days, movie days, cookie days, you name it…if it’s fun and relaxing and TASTES GOOD…that’s what we’ve been doing at my house.


Today my alarm went off at 6 AM again.
Today I had to get the kids up, fed, dressed and out the door by 7:30.
Today I had to (brace yourself)… WORK OUT.

It’s been longer than two weeks on that one. I had surgery in mid November, and had not even LOOKED at the treadmill since then. But today my routine kicked in…FULL GEAR. And let me tell you what–it was grand. So wonderful. Me, my children and even my husband slipped back into our routine so wonderfully. But of course today it was even better because it’s January. And January makes all things better. At least in my head. Snicker.
I did sit down today and map out my goals and directions for fitness, nutrition, parenting, and a few other things today. I will be sharing these things at some point, but for now I have got to go to bed…the alarm will be sounding off in 8 short hours. so I bid you all farewell. And Happy warm, fuzzy, laundry smelling January to you all.


One comment on “>My January 1st

  1. >oh sarah i love it too!!! i've been reorganizing, cleaning, purging!!! january is so healing and cleansing for me. now with the fast and this new class at church we are starting, whoa!!! look out! keep up the writing. it's therapy for the rest of us!

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