>Spring in the Air


I don’t know that I have a favorite season. I enjoy all of them and throughout my life have had wonderful memories of each; spending all day roaming the streets of our small town by foot or bike, with my cousins and sister during the summer; feeling the fall breeze as we walked the streets of the local Jubilee, the smell of corn on the cob, Carmel apples and funnel cakes all around us; during the winter I remember piling on long underwear, eating cream of wheat for breakfast, and trying to warm up by squeezing in close to the wood stove with my sister; and finally…Spring! In particular that time between winter and Spring, the days you could actually smell the Flowers in the air, notice the bees buzzing around once more, and see the brown grass turning green. It was warm enough to play outside in our short sleeve shirts, but with the winter breeze still lingering, it was cool enough to not get too hot. We never had to stop our play to lay in the shade and cool down or run inside to guzzle down some water and take a rest. Yes, on those days you knew-Spring Was In The Air.

That’s the kind of day we had yesterday. I knew as soon as I walked outside to get the mail and was met with that old, familiar smell. That smell that you can describe no other way than “It smells like Spring today!” Which is exactly what I said to my Girls when I got back inside from getting the mail. At once we got dressed, got our lunch ready and headed out the door-for that first day of Spring play after what has seemed like a long winter!

We went to Noah’s Ark for a picnic

The Lion was Sophie’s favorite, and Ruthie liked the Tiger the best. If you look closely, maybe you can see too drool dripping from the tiger’s mouth. He was pacing back and forth drooling the whole time…I think he though we looking like a tasty treat!

Sweet Sisters!


2 comments on “>Spring in the Air

  1. >I am glad you are back in blogging world! I like reading your posts – you should have been a writer b/c you descibe everything with so much detail – it is fun to read. Your girls are growing so fast and are just plain adorable! We miss ya’ll!

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