FOR TODAY…December 23, 2008

Outside my window…Is a yard full of leaves…I LOVE it!

I am thinking…I should be in bed!

I am thankful for… Jesus!!

From the learning rooms…we’re taking a break…we are working on Loving God and Loving People, though

From the kitchen…tomorrow we are covwrinf pretzels with choc., and baking pies! YUM!

I am wearing…pj’s and my warm robe-and I’m still freezing!! 🙂

I am creating…a more peacful environment for my family…that’s the plan, anyway…

I am going…to grow closer to the Lord this next year!

I am reading…nothing. Honestly, I am reading NOTHING right now, and that makes me SO SAD 😦

I am hoping…My kids have a great, memorable amazing Christmas

I am hearing…my stomach growl-I think I forgot to eat dinner!

Around the house…I am getting ready for my sis and BIL to come into town tomorrow!! And I am planning ion baking with my angels tomorrow!

One of my favorite things…Christmas time! Baking! Candles, fires, coffee, hot chocoalte…everything about this season!

A few plans for the rest of the week:CHRISTMAS!! And my husband has FIVE days off!! WOO HOO!

Here is picture thought I am sharing…


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