Okay, so for years…I have been trying to coupon. I clip and clip and clip….only to get to the store and it seems like I can only use like ONE or TWO coupons and my grand savings are usually around, oh, I don’t know…$2.00 or so! So then I “quit”…I give away or throw away (yes, I have done it!) my coupons in frustration! Then several months later I will hear people talking about their GREAT savings and amazing stories of getting things for 25 cents, 50 cents, and in some cases even FREE!
I have read articles, blogs and even BOOKS on couponing trying my best with my little mind to comprehend ALL of this overwhelming information! So then, once again, I will clip, clip, clip and it all starts OVER AGAIN!!!!…..This has been going on, for…..let’s see….pretty much since I’ve been married, so about 5 years!

All of this brings me to my AMAZING friend, April Brumm. April and I go to church together and she, honestly, is one of the nicest, most sincere people I have ever met. She is always talking, e-mailing and telling unbelievable stories of “couponing“, and not just saving 1 or 2 dollars like I had always done, but saving REAL amounts of money! I have always been amazed… and a little jealous…of these stories.

Well, a month ago, I once again started my trend of clipping coupons and feeling OUT OF CONTROL with the chaos of it all, when I put on my facebook status something to the effect of giving up on coupons forever! And what Happened???…

Lovely April Brumm came to my rescue! Within MINUTES she offered to help and by the end of the day, she had called and told me to come over one day soon and “learn” her tricks! I can NOT TELL YOU how excited I was!

The girls and I went over on Tuesday, and while her wonderfully patient and kind husband, Chuck, watched all SEVEN KIDS (my two, April’s two and 3 others she was babysitting!!), April made me coffee…(I told she’s GREAT!!)….and taught me how to “coupon.”

So, today I started…I had my list, my coupons, And I headed out to the store WITHOUT children, which I have to say, is SO wonderful! I almost felt like I was at the spa… Driving to and walking through Kroger with NO children…It was pure goodness!

And I have to say, I did GREAT! Here is what I got:

And I just WISH the picture could do it justice!!!! There is TONS of meat, fresh veggies, bread, condiments, cleaning supplies and tons more….
For….here goes…..a SAVINGS of $70.18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OOP was $68.23, which means…I SAVED more than I spent!!! And I MUST add, I got….EIGHT FREE ITEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SOOOOOOO excited that I FINALLY am understanding how to coupon and coupon the RIGHT way!!!!
THANK YOU APRIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 comments on “>Coupons!

  1. >oh sarah, you’re making me cry!! you’re so sweet and i knew you could do it!! it’s such a great hobby since you must do it alone, it gives you escape, it’s good for the family and good for your heart! we are using the resources God has given us to the fullest! congrats!!

  2. >Oh my word! I think I need to get a coupon lesson from April next time I am in GA! I have NEVER saved that much at the grocery store!!! You did GREAT Sarah!

  3. >way to go sarah!! doesn’t it feel good? i actually went into ingles one time during triple coupon week and had a manager come out and want to meet me. my bill was about $300 and i left paying $90. they couldn’t believe it… that was my best savings ever but it is always fun trying to do it again! : )

  4. >So AWESOME!! My Kroger trip was great too – not as great as yours but still good for my second try at it! Now if I can just remember to get another double paper tomorrow…ask me if I got one when you see me. I will probably forget again as usual! :)Melissa

  5. >Jason as gotten pretty good at the couponing as well. April gave him tips and got him headed in the right direction as well. I went with him to the store for the first time last night since he started the couponing and was amazed! He was very organized (very unlike him) and just like you, he saved more than he spent. Today he went to Kroger for a super small trip (2 packs of toilet paper and 2 cans of pineapple) and only spent 90 cents. Krisi

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