>Okay, so as many of you know (which is funny, because only 1 person follows my blog!!-well at least I can pretend!) my camera is on it’s sick bed. :(…..It’s actually the lenses that are broken, but needless to say, I feel like my children’s lives are slipping away unphotographed. Thank the Lord I have friends who are just as photo crazy as I am, so I am still getting some good shots! The ones I added earlier today were “stolen” from my dear friend Shandra (who also provided the camera for the haircut incident!). My friend Melissa also took some Pumpkin patch pictures, and I wanted to share them as well. So, here’s a few more from our fun day at the Farm…

Choosing our pumkins wa interesting! Sophie would have nothing to do with ANY of the fun, so Ruthie picked one for her, which I am holding since Sophie wouldn’t touch it. And then it took Ruthie FOREVER to choose hers, but that’s okay…it seemed to be going that way with all of the girls!

Ephraim and Sophie
Ephraim, Garrett and Ruthie

My good Friend Melissa, and her sweet baby, Levi.

Melissa’s other handsome boy, Ephraim.

The kids had fun playing in the corn!
Some of the girls: Anna, Ruthie and Lynley
Me, with my angel girls!

2 comments on “>MORE FALL FUN!!

  1. >Well, am I the one person? Or am I Person #3?I love your blog, but you know I’m old so I often forget to catch up with the blog. It’s all I can do to stay up on Facebook! And I’m sure I’m not really UP on it! I just think I am. Anyway, I just read with joy and tears your story about election night. I must say thank you to you and Beth for reminding your old aunt that, now the election is over, it’s time to get on with congratulating and praying for the new President. He is nt really in control though he may think he is. As you both reminded me, our God is in control and will still be in control with Ruthie, Sophie, and the newest member of our family grow up and become the voices of Light and Truth in America.I love you, Sarah, and it’s such a joy to watch you grown in your faith and become a woman of substance. – Becca

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