>Ruthie’s 1st time cutting hair….hers AND Sophies!


My most wonderful childhood friend, Emily, known dearly to me as my Emmie Lou is getting married tomorrow!! I, as one of the bridesmaids, had to be at the rehersal (in ATLANTA!) at 4:45 today. My wonderfully gracious Friend, Melissa, said she would babysit the girls for me. Trying to “pay” her the only way I can afford-by baking with love-was in the kitchen mixing ingredients for a pie when Ruthie came running in the room.

“Mommy!” She yelled excitedly, “You have GOT to come see! Sophie got a haircut!!! I GAVE Sophie a haircut!!”
Oh, Oh…..My stomach is in my throat…..anger….no, excitement…..no, PANIC…..oh, yeah….there it is! PANIC!!!
“I have to leave in a few hours and I’m on a time schedule today!” I’m thinking as I assure myself inside,
Just then, Sophie cames running around the corner….stark naked I might add (how did THAT happen?!)…..oh, you just can’t imagine the sight! All of her curls were gone! She looked like a…a….a BOY!
Oh, goodness, in a panic I get in touch with my friend, Shandra, who is a whizz of a hair cutter and she said I could come right over!
Out on her deck I sat, taking pictures as my little Sophie got her “mainged puppy” haircut turned into comething quite decent! Thanks Shandra!!!
To add to the sheer panic of my day, I realized Ruthie had given HERSELF a haircut as well! A good CHUNK of the back of her hair had been wacked off! Shandra ended up cutting a bob for her, and I must say….it looks SO lovely and Ruthie ADORES it!!
So needless to say, my children look totally different from the way they did when they woke up this morning, but, of course, they are still GORGEOUS!!
And, YES, I did finish the pie, finish a load of laundry, iron my husbands clothes for him (!!!!) AND make it to Emmie’s rehersal dinner ON TIME!
So, the one thing I did not add, is that today is my 5th wedding anniversary! So, in the middle of this drama, my mind wonders back…..

October 3, 2003 1PM: I had a hair appointment to get my “up do” for my wedding with my beautiful veil, where from there I RUSHED to the church to be a princess for a day.
And compares….
October 3, 2008 1PM: while in my horribly MESSY kitchen I try to make a pie, do laundry and am so pleased that the girls aren’t fussing (all while in my jammies, mind you!) when suddenly my whole day changes and I, once again, RUSH, this time to get my kids hair “fixed” instead of my own.
And, so, I marvel at how things change in as little as 5 years!!
So, of course, I am looking for the meaning in all of this….the lesson to be learned…and I realize, that while five years ago, I got to be the princess for a day, now I live with two princesses (in training!)everyday….And for THAT, I am very grateful.


2 comments on “>Ruthie’s 1st time cutting hair….hers AND Sophies!

  1. >Aww Sarah – the girls are precious. And as I was reading your blog – – I wondered myself where I was 5 years ago… Doug and I had just got back together after we had been broken up for almost a month!!! And look where I am 5 years later!!! Step-mom and two boys of my own.. Craziness isn’t it!I hope you guys have a good weekend and hope to see you next weekend at Oak Hill!!

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