>Okay, so today I am drowning in laundry….and you think I’m kidding! The basket in the kids room is OVERFLOWING with dirty four year old and two year old laundry….
you don’t even want to see my closet! Our laundry hasn’t been touched in two weeks (and yes, we still have things to wear…that’s how spoiled we are!)
And I can not even get started on the amount of peed on sheets I have to wash!! I mean, I’m trying not to buy pull ups to put the girls in at night…because honestly, why do we potty train if we STILL have to buy pull ups…and that just encourages the little one, Sophie, to pee all the more! So, every night I say…”not too much water at dinner…we don’t want pee pee accidents”….and more mornings than not I get up to wet children! “pee “i” my be….moommmie!” says Sophie, with, of course, the sweetest smile ever imagined.
So, anyway, I have been trying to catch up on all the other laundry, so needless to say, these sheets keep piling up and piling up! At this point I haven’t a clue how I will EVER catch up!!!
I feel like I’m in a huge ocean of laundry and the waves keep coming and coming…”wait let me get up!” I cry…and another wave of little girl jammies and panties come flying at me from the deep…”HELP! I’m drowning”, I yell to another wave of my husbands dirty jeans and smelly t-shirts. oh no!!! a BIG ONE! It’s sheets….pink ones, blue ones, polka dot ones! And waht’s that smell…..oh, yes! The ever present smell of urine that I know now is a constant fragrance in the life of a potty training mommy……
WILL I EVER GET UP out of this endless ocean of laundry?! And I know the answer is yes, beacuse I always catch up….I always do though I don’t know how because the odds are so painstakingly AGAINST me, but somehow I come through the piles of stink smellies and I know, deep down, that ‘this, too, shall pass”…


2 comments on “>LAUNDRY!!!

  1. >Oh.. My…. Lord!!! I am going to love this blogging with you – I can already tell.. so let me be the very first to say WELCOME!!! And as soon as Grant is ready.. I’m shipping him to your house!! By then you’ll be a pro!!!!

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